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Chris from Spain

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Here is Chris from Spain working in the garden on “Stedet”, Fejoe.

We have been tidying up for two days making ready for the new season.

From now on I will write in English on this blog so our Wwoofers can follow too.  Wwoof means world wide organisation of organic farming. Last year I had many wwoofers in the Herbal garden of Oroe. IT is a fantastic win win  system. The wwoofer gives work for board and lodge.


3 thoughts on “Chris from Spain

  1. Congratulations! She’s a very reliable, hard-working, cheerful, very affectionate woman. She’s a very loved piece of our heart and lives.
    And thanks for your support and kind welcome.

  2. Hello Paco, yes, she is, indeed. We enjoy having the opportunity of having her here, s-o-o-o-o nice!

  3. We learn a lot about living in Spain and wonder how can we come to a future where the goods and welfare of the world is shared among people and among contries so everyone can get what they need.

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