Ghee – Clarified butter

Photo 1 shows the ready Ghee going to be filtered through fine tissue. We took 5 packet of unsaltered butter. Let it heat to a simmered in a saucepan of stainless steel. When it has simmered for some time all the milky stuff in the butter is fallen to the bottom of the saucepan and the rest is the finest oil. It is used medically in Ayrveda as it rebuilts tissus especcially nourishes the brain cells.

Photo 2 show the milky left part. It is indeed not appetising.

Photo 3 the clear oil is poured in classes.



Ghee clarified butter
Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in South Asia and is commonly used in South Asian (Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Pakistani) cuisine and ritual.
From Wikipedia: Usage in food Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisine. In many parts of India and Pakistan, especially in Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal, Orissa and many other states, rice is traditionally prepared or served with ghee (including biryani). In Rajasthan, ghee is considered to be a must have with Baati. All over north India, people dab Roti with ghee. In the Bharuch district of Gujarat, Ghee is served with kichdi, usually an evening meal of yellow rice with curry, a sauce made from yoghurt, cumin seeds, kari leaves, ghee, cornflour, tumeric, garlic and salt. Ghee is also an ingredient as well as being used in the preparation of kadhi and used in Indian sweets such as Mysore pak, and different varieties of halva and laddu. Punjabi cuisine prepared in restaurants uses large amounts of ghee. Naan and roti are sometimes brushed with ghee, either during preparation or while serving. Ghee is an important part of Punjabi Cuisine and traditionally, the Parathas, Daals and Curries in Punjab often use Ghee instead of oil, in order to give the food added richness. Ghee is an ideal fat for deep frying because its smoke point (where its molecules begin to break down) is 250 °C (482 °F), which is well above typical cooking temperatures of around 200 °C (392 °F) and above that of most vegetable oils.

Ayurveda considers ghee to be sāttvik or sattva-guṇi (in the “mode of goodness”), when used as food. Ghee is the main content in some of the ayurvedic medicines.

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