Thanks to lovely wwoof´ers 2013

How could we make the Healing Garden on Fejø grow, if it were not for wwoof´ers from all around the world who help us.

In May Lou from England came along and stayed for a nice long period.


There was a lot of sowing and potting and repotting in that period, hundreds of pots went through Lou´s hands.

Then Frech and fluteplaying Simon came on his bicycle. And Danish Kristoffer came with his tent in which he just loved to sleep, no matter how much it rained. Because we had a lot of sunshine, but certainly also a lot of rain, which we always welcome, because no water is the same as no plants and no abundance.


Lou on one of those rainy days.

have3Kristoffer weeding and covering paths with cardboard.

simon1Simon at lunchtime.

indgangteamworkKristoffer, Simon and Lou building the entrance arch out of willow.

Rapeseed blooming, sun shining from a clear blue sky. Lovely days.

From America Evan and Theo arrived.

beddag5Evan sowing dill and cucumbers.

Ivone from Mexico came, we felled lots and lots of willow in order to be able to build the bench around the gingko beloba tree.

midterbaenk1ivoneandbenchIvone just pondering what to do next in order to actually bring this bit of a mess into a beautiful bench for resting and connecting with nature.

July came along and so did Jenny from England – understanding Danish and even speaking a little.

jennyJenny with a great harvest of apple mint.

Tai chi course.


Permaculture week with many guests and two French wwoof´ers Mickus and his girlfriend.

permacultureweekEven two of last years wwof´ers were here: Garry from Scotland and Danish Jeannie – they actually moved to Fejø!

johanna-and-arankaJohanna and Aranka repotting – new space needed for plant roots.

Johanna was also woof´ing in the Garden in 2012.

August came and many people were here to help us out on the official opening event on August 17th.


Front row: Karina,  wwoofér from Norway; middle:  left Peter White, kasserer, midlle Emilie, our Garden Fairy, Anum, woof´er from England; back row: Anne, chairman of the board, Anemette, know-all of wild plants and lecturer, Sam, English wwoof´er, Threin, qi gong teacher and photographer, Mette, Danish wwoof´er, Mick , boardmember and Sacha, wwoof´er from USA.

Later in August Jacob from Danmark  came and Aranka from Holland came once more.


Jacob is creating order out the chaos of all the pots

In September Helena from Sweden arrived. .


Vinegar extracts.

Through out the year Michael from USA has been helping us with the website.

His professional website is Michael Sambar and you can se a pic of him there – and loads of the stuff he designes, he is really good.

Thanks to all of you lovely woof´ers, not only for the practical help but also for lots of fun and inspiration, singing and dancing.

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