Thanks to lovely Wwoofers 2012

We have had Wwoofers since end of March. Without you we would not have come so far. We have a garden in a nice form. A brushwood fence to protect the garden from  at time the fierce wind. Lots of trees planted as wind breakers and even some plants planted in the beds.

Wwoofers planting

French Wwoofers has helped us  planting. We mainly plant around the brushwood fence in order to get shelter from the at times fierce wind. We have found a lot of trees in the local area. Some are quite big and other very small. In the beds we have planted some trees too mainly of Danish … Fortsæt læsning Wwoofers planting

Wwoofers making brushwoodfence

Four Wwoofers have since the beginning of September built this beutiful brushwwood fence. They have worked so hard. In juli  a  permacultural  group  started the first three meters. We all learned a lot from them as no one knew how exactly to do this work. Thank you Monique from Canada, Chris from Taiwan, Anni fro … Fortsæt læsning Wwoofers making brushwoodfence

Gingo Biloba in Sun Wheel

Today is an amazing day. Our Gingo Biloba tree was planted. It stands in the middle of a Sun wheel. Around it will come a bench and an area with paved nature stones found on Fejø. Then will come four beds with flowers devoted to The Virgin Mary, The Devine Feminine.

Garlic – hvidløg

Garlic is a wonderful plant. Not only does it taste good. It is very useful food. It boosts the immune system is good for digestion and the micro life in our intestines, so that the right balance is maintained. Eat one clove every day. When about to get a cold just eat more. The very … Fortsæt læsning Garlic – hvidløg